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No, actually, it isn't. This is a realistic-looking scam. 

So, what happens if you fall for it?

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Hackers are returning to a tried-and-true scheme involving Microsoft Office 365. Cybersecurity company Armorblox says criminals are sending phishing emails to employees that read, “Re: Please find invoice attached!” Employees who click on the attached PDF are then taken to what looks like an actual Office 365 login page and told to enter their work username and password to view the invoice. But these fake login pages controlled by hackers are designed to collect passwords.  


Even though cryptocurrency like bitcoin has crashed in value, crypto scams are expected to grow in 2023. According to the FBI, senior citizens are most susceptible to crypto scams because they don’t understand crypto and tend to be convinced of turning a quick profit by investing in it. Caregivers should encourage seniors to communicate freely and not be embarrassed about discussing financial matters.  


According to CBS News, many governments globally are banning TikTok on government-owned computers and phones out of privacy concerns. The US and Japan are moving forward with a ban. For now, Canada is not. The Chinese-owned social media and entertainment platform uses sophisticated technology to collect behavioral information on the 1 in 5 internet users across the globe who have downloaded the app.

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5 amazing facts about staying safer online.

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“What can I say to a family member who insists on accepting spam calls but does not say anything just because he wants to waste their time?”


He’s wasting his own time, of course. It’s smart to ignore calls from numbers you don’t recognize or, even better, install an app that intercepts calls before you see them. As for what you say to your family member, once you’ve suggested something, you can only control your reactions!




“What makes Apple’s iCloud virtually impossible to hack?”


Remember, hackers have broken into countries’ Departments of Defense, which use layer upon layer of cyber protection. Nothing is perfectly safe from hackers! Forbes says iCloud generates nearly $5 billion yearly for Apple, so that’s a big incentive to protect the data.



“How does a person change his email address? Does it not leave the old email address behind that can be used by a scammer?”


Creating a new email address is easy. Do a web search to learn the steps, which depend on the brand of email service you’re using. As for the email address you’re leaving behind, login, go to “settings,” and follow the instructions to delete the account. (Remember to download the emails you want to keep.) Some email platforms, like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, will not allow anyone to use the email address after it has been deleted.

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