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Scammers are customizing their end-of-the-year messages to steal your money and personal information.

They also impersonate managers who urgently request information about an employees' job or bank account. Check out these examples.

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Here's a voicemail message with instructions that back up the fake email.

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We're also seeing text messages and voicemail attachments instructing employees to provide information about jobs and personal financial information. 

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> The most common passwords in use this year are 123456 (or a variation of that), QWERTY, "password," and the person's first name. Nordpass says "OneDirection" (the musical group), "2021," and the person's birth year are also popular. Don't use easy-to-guess passwords! Instead, subscribe to and install a password manager on your personal devices.

> The online brokerage company Robinhood says email addresses for 7 million of its 19 million customers have been stolen in a cyber breach. CNBC advises Robinhood customers to consider freezing their credit, setting up credit alerts with one of the big three reporting agencies, or subscribing to a credit monitoring service. 

> Google Chrome users have a new tool to help them discover if their passwords are for sale on the dark web. If you use Google's Chrome web browser to store your passwords, go to, click on "Password Checkup," and follow the instructions.

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The Pacific Premier Cybersecurity Team is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe online.


Did you receive a suspicious email that you were not expecting?  When in doubt, report suspicious emails using the “Phishing Email Alert” button in Outlook.

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