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Scammers and hackers are targeting 

video game players more than ever

A new study by the technology company Akamai

shows that attacks on gamers have grown 167%

in recent months.

That puts the $1.5 billion spent this summer by gamers at risk.

How can they stay safe?

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Two weeks ago came word that users should immediately update system software on all their Apple devices. Now there are alerts to update home versions of Microsoft Office. Kaspersky says older versions of Office have been used in cyber-attacks against more than half a million users since June.


If you have an account with the video streaming platform Plex, you’ll need to change your password immediately. The company says it got breached.


Over the past year, the percentage of teens who use Facebook has plummeted from 71% to 32%. The percentage of teens who watch YouTube remains steady at an amazing 95%, according to the Pew Research Center.


In the coming months, Twitter users who pay $5 a month for a premium membership will be able to edit their tweets after posting. Right now, the only option to modify a tweet is to delete it and re-post a new one.

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Phishing emails, text message scams,
and fake voicemails are everywhere.

Scammers still send letters, too!

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Hi crew! This Q is actually about the TikTok PDF you included. I do not have an account on TikTok or the app downloaded to my phone but I DO view content through my web browser. Does TikTok still track the things noted in the PDF if I'm viewing this way vs. having an account? "That means if you or your child copy and paste sensitive information such as passwords or private conversations, TikTok is noting and storing that information."

TikTok can track the data about users across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As Wired and others put it, TikTok says it collects text, images, and video from your device's clipboard if you copy and paste content to or from the app or share it with a third-party platform [like Facebook and Twitter] even without your consent.


"Passwords are the bane of my online existence, forgetting, resetting, long lists for business, medical, financial, travel, you name it. How valid is it to use password management systems?"

Password managers apps are the ideal way to manage all the passwords on your personal devices. They automatically generate and store long, unique passwords. Unfortunately, most of us who create our own passwords still use some flavor of "password" or "12345", which can be guessed easily. Password managers require a paid subscription, but it's a wise investment.


"How long should you leave emails in your spam folder? And how do you get rid of them?"

If they're in your spam folder, it doesn't matter. Emails in your spam folder or trash aren't a threat as long as you're leaving them alone. Depending on the email app you use, there is usually a setting to delete spam and trashed emails automatically after a set number of days. 

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